We Help Full-Service Marketing Agencies Generate An Extra 240,000€ In Revenue In 12 Months (or less) Without Relying on Referrals Or Ads Using "The Cold Outreach Conversion System"

*** We Work on Performance Basis ***

What You Need To Know?

Dream Outcome 🎯

Add an extra 240,000€ in revenue to your full service marketing agency.

Likelihood To Happen 😃

"The Cold Outreach Conversion System" does 10X more 'QUALITY' outreach than any sales rep.

How Long It Takes 📆

You can start seeing the results within 30 days of working with us.

What Do I Need To Do 🤔

It's completely Done-For-You. And it's close to zero effort for you.


Dr. Shahram Yousefi – Co-Founder & CEO @ MeshAI.io

Mesh AI is a cloud-based SaaS solution for Clinicians helping more than 5000+ clinicians with their scheduling across the USA, Canada, and Australia

Kevin Padillo – Founder & CEO @ Leadz On Demand

A Canada-based marketing agency serving over 137+ clients worldwide

Meet The Founder

Lakshmi Narayana- Founder of Draksha Agency

Larry Lakshmi Narayana

Hi, I am Larry, Founder, and CEO of Lead Flow Studio.

We were founded in 2021 and our main goal with Lead Flow Studio is to generate high-quality and qualified leads for marketing agencies.

In the past, we helped several B2B SaaS and marketing companies with their lead generation and marketing efforts and helped in increasing their revenue.

We also had an NDA agreement with a US-based multi-million dollar company that has Fortune 100 companies as its customers and managed its entire direct sales channel.


Q: Why work with you? What makes you so special?

A: First, we’re not a full-service agency. We are cold email specialists who focus ONLY on full-service marketing agencies. 

Second, we leverage “The Cold Outreach Conversion System” to generate extra revenue for your full-service marketing agency.

Q: How can we know we are a fit to work together?

A: Before any deals are made, we chat on a Zoom call to make sure we’re a right fit to work together.

Q: How much is the investment?

A: We work purely on performance basis. If we don’t generate results, you  don’t pay us anything.

Q: Do you offer any guarantee?

A: Of course, we back everything up with a guarantee.

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